Over the past seven years, I have been growing in Southern California. It has been my mission to find a way to grow plants more efficiently to produce the highest quality crops. I am a serious grower, and this is my passion. Through careful and controlled experimentation, analysis, and observation of my crops, I have determined how to coax the best out of each grow.

What I found was that the key to producing the highest quality plants was the lighting. A plant needs the full spectrum of light in order to reach its potential. My LED light produces the entire visible range, even green light even though most green light is reflected off of the plant’s surface, carotenoids still use a portion of this light. By mimicking the light of the sun, in the controlled environment of a hydroponic system, I have been producing incredibly bountiful crops time and again. I have proven that this new LED light technology is at equivalent to HPS/MH lighting, often times surpassing it, but with all of the benefits that LED lights provide.

By carefully calculating the precise amounts of light a plant needs to grow to its fullest potential I have been able to maximize each harvest. Without proper lighting, your grow will not be as productive as it could be. In fact, without proper lighting a plant could whither and wilt, if not die altogether.

The buzz in the industry of late has been the red/blue/orange LED light. You may hear claims that this is the optimal light mixture. I have to respectfully disagree with this stance as my research has clearly shown that plants absorb every color of the light spectrum. If the plant absorbs the light, it uses it to grow to its fullest potential. My experiments prove this and your results will confirm my experiments by giving you the best results you’ve ever had.

I’ve found that by developing a carefully formulated light mixture in specific nanometers, fruits, plants, and vegetables will grow thick and dense comparable to MH or HPS lighting. So after three years of experimenting and developing this LED Grow Light, I came up with a specific formula that grows cannabis and other plants, fruits and vegetables to their fullest potential. The next revolution in indoor LED Grow lighting, the Spectra LED series, will be the staple for indoor lighting.

After using these lights and actually seeing the results, you will be a believer. With the Spectra LED Grow Lighting model, you will never need to use a MH or HPS light again. You will be saving up to 80 percent on electricity and you’ll also be cutting your thermal footprint by over 90 percent. This way, there is nearly no heat signature and with the specially calculated light spectrum, your plants will be absorbing nearly 100 percent of the light emitted by these LED Grow Lights. That means bigger and better plants. The only way to get the quality and quantity from your plants is to provide a full spectrum of super bright LEDs. Then and only then will you get the result you desire. This means that you can take advantage of my hard work and long years of experimentation.

I use high-end, high power LED chips that are made in the USA. They are more stable and longer lasting than the commonly used chips produced overseas. I also developed, configured, and specifically designed this LED light to provide the correct spectrum of light to grow thick, dense, high quality cannabis, fruits and vegetables here in California. I also tested the light with plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, and the results were amazing. I know the Spectra series of LED grow lights will benefit many other types of plants and produce.

My proprietary LED light technology is a breakthrough in indoor lighting for plant growth. It’s the only light that should be used for growing plants indoors. My lights use violet, dark blue, royal blue, blue, white (RBG), sunburst red, red, dark red and far red at precise percentages.

If you’re ready to take your crops to the next level, order one of the Spectra series of LED Grow Lights and maximize your crops. If you’re looking for more information or for testimonials from users, come to our forums and join the community of satisfied users. Let your voice be heard.

Which Spectra light is right for you?

Spectra LED 120w
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Each Spectra LED series grow light panel uses 9 colors including white that puts out 3 wavelengths for a total of 12 wavelengths of light, 3 watt super bright LED's at a 60 degree viewing angle and the panels can be used anywhere in the world.

Spectra LED series Lights are UNMATCHED and UNCHALLENGED
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Which Spectra light is right for you?